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The Flux - Copper body

Image of The Flux - Copper body
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This is The Flux hand spinner. Designed to be functional art and comprised of a total of 11 pieces. This is a highly customizable design, and I hope that it can fulfill all of your fidgeting needs!

Here are the specs:

- CU body - machine finish
- Zirc buttons - matte finish
- Zirc beads - matte finish
- CU end caps - machine finish
- Weight - Approx 48.9 G
- FZ HC3 bearing
- Approx 2.25 in length

Thank you again, I could not do this without the support of all you awesome collectors and enthusiasts!

** Copper can and will patina and may show some slight signs of patina when received.

**All spinners might see some slight flutter/wobble near the peak of their spin. I am weighing all components and getting the balance as close as possible. With a multi part product, there could be some variation. Other factors might play a part as well such as steadiness of hand, the bearing, ect. I personally spin each spinner to ensure it spins steady enough on my finger for the entire spin.