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The SDBC Classic one piece

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This is the SDBC Classic!!
Designed with my favorite features, in a smaller size. This should be a great solid one piece EDC top for anyone's collection!

Top info:

- 7/8 diameter sized top

- One piece build

- Materials
Copper - 19 grams
Stainless - 16.2 grams
Bronze - 15.8 grams
Brass - 17.8 grams

- Finish is a lightly brushed finish

- 1/8 TC bearing in the top and bottom of the top. Yes to upside down spins!! 😁

- Each top will come with a complementary custom designed 3D printed case in a randomly picked color, that includes a 38mm lense so you can get to spinning instantly!

- Small, limited quantities as usual

* All tops are subject to some stem fatigue towards the end of the spin
* All sales are final